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More Than Good Hooks | your lyrical drug fix

Malaysia's premiere concert going community

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Malaysian music site containing concert news, photos, etc.
This is a community for the Malaysian music site, More Than Good Hooks. Feel free to discuss any of the news posted on the site, talk about the site (likes, dislikes, what you hope to see, etc), upcoming concerts, provide feedback and whatever else.
More Than Good Hooks is all about the music and the fans. Brought together by music and the love for similar bands, the site was then created as part of our mission to bring about a change in the music scene by taking on a more proactive approach. It goes without saying that we are rather exhausted of being skipped over on tours multiple times for various reasons (which are either made known or otherwise), and that is just one of the many aspects which we hope to change within our ability.

Through all of this, we aim to :

// provide fans in Malaysia first dibs on concerts scheduled within the country
// publish up to date music news
// share concert photos and media
// promote music, etc.

Essentially, our goal is to liaise with labels, promoters, organizers and assist in the process of creating awareness amongst international musicians, artists and bands to consider performing in Malaysia despite not being picked up by the local media and lack of airplay received in various circumstances. In the case of those who have peformed in KL in the past, we would like to remind them that they are more than welcome to return and play shows for their fanbase in the country.

In achieving the abovementioned, we have resorted to utilizing street teams, Eventful's Demand feature, MySpace and our own network, amongst others. We hope to bring as many music enthusiasts possible within Malaysia via this site and have them be a part of the cause & get involved.
If you enjoy the site and what we do, you can help spread the word about MTGH by using these buttons to promote the site. Please save the images onto your own server, thanks.



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